Snapchat’s Latest AR Lenses

Use the Latest AR Lenses of Snapchat to Add or Remove Beards that can be worth trying it. Try this latest feature and get a new look.

Snapchat has introduced two latest lenses feature foe their users – Add or Remove Beards. Snapchat lenses are popular and favorite of almost all these smartphone app users. This new option has made it easy for the users to add or remove the beard while they use the app. It is providing a better experience to users regarding customization where the company is trying to expand these lenses to other fields. The popularity of customizing videos and images on multiple social media services has taken the biggest place. Snapchat launched the messaging app in 2015 that was a newer way for users to express themselves in different ways. The popularity of such apps could be seen from the most used apps like Instagram, lenses on Snapchat, and more. The growth of these lenses stock is upgrading with many designed by the in-house team. Snapchat is now a part of the largest community where the Lens Studio of Snapchat is offering Snapchat lenses to users. 

Recently, from Snapchat two new features of lenses have launched where removing or adding Beard lens option is available. It is easy to use and understand the motive of both features. Hence, I don’t think there is a need to explain the working of these options. More importantly, one can easily use the feature on their image and can add a beard to get a new look. If you don’t feel right on this look, then using the Beard Removal Lens can help to get back the original one. The twitter post of Jack Brody (Director of product in Snapchat) can explain users well about new lenses. The lenses have been launched in the month of June 2020.

Find out and Use the New Beard Lenses on Snapchat App –

Active users are well familiar with this feature. To find out the new beard lenses on Snapchat, click on the smiley icon near the snap button. The app will automatically start you showing many lenses where you can find the Beard Lens and the Beard Remove Lens option. Then, to use this feature, tap on the Add or Remove the beard and hit the main button to save a snap. After you take the snap, you can send the snap to your friends in this look and get reviews from them.

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