Lawmakers want Social-media to stop climate-denial

A group of lawmakers is calling for platforms like Facebook and YouTube to do more to stop climate change misinformation.

A more than 30 lawmakers’ group has sent a letter to many tech CEOs calling for more additional to be done about environmental change misinformation on their platforms.

A Virginia Democrat, Rep. Donald McEachin organized a letter to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman, and, McEachin’s office confirmed, Monday. 

The letter reportedly reads, “With the consequences of inaction towards climate change becoming ever more catastrophic and dire.” It expressed that they believe that social media CEO has the responsibility of their users to stop who are seeking to blur the lines between facts based on environmental science as well as who is peddling pseudoscience. It further added that the more extensive shields these platforms have embraced have not sufficiently stemmed the tide of disinformation in regards to environmental change on the online platforms.

The letter, for instance, raises worries that adding a Wikipedia connect to video with questionable data on environmental change isn’t sufficient. The letter included that No place on the page is there progressively logical data, for instance, in regards to the source, or where and how the source assembled its information. likewise clarifying that climate change denialism via social media networking is “feed[ing] a pattern of atmosphere inaction.

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit didn’t quickly react to a request for comment. This comes as tech CEOs, including Zuckerberg, are set to affirm before Congress this week over antitrust concerns. The letter additionally incorporates six queries for the tech CEOs to answer beginning with: Do you agree that the spread of climate change disinformation on your respective platforms is a problem?”

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