Google targets stalkerware ad policy

In the updated ad policy, Google targets stalkerware. Google’s ad policies are the way to limit the app-makers’ reach that the tech sector and advocates try. Previously, Google and Apple removed multiple apps from their stores. Google said about updates this month where the stalkerware apps on its service list will be banned from advertising on its platform. This process would be started in August where the policy will restrict advertisements from its platform. 

The app of Stalkerware or spyware is founded very commonly where many services are available for customers where your phone or cloud passwords, texts, call logs, the location could be accessed. Further, these associates with domestic violence and used for illegal works.

Safety steps against Stalkerware –

Apple and Google both have removed many apps from their platform which are linked to Stalkerware. In addition, the Coalition against Stalkerware has also formed by antivirus companies, groups of advocates, and legal experts. Antivirus firms have used the best ways to research so the app could be identified better and users can get informed if any of stalkerware is on their phones. Still, these apps are into a legal area where the law allows app makers to advertise the products. But due to background running without any icon or notice, it becomes useful for people who want to spy on partners. In the poll of Harris reported of NortonLifeLock that 1 in 10 US people used the apps for tracking partner.

Google’s stalkerware ad policy –

According to Google’s new stalkerware ad policy, app makers can advertise services that are designed for parents to track their children. It could prompt apps with notification of secret spy abilities so that family-friendly and deceptive messaging would be used while any of advertisement will run with Google. They may still act like stalkerware apps, pointed Graham Cluley, a security writer. Google says that enforcement action against companies are taken if they hide the app’s original goal with deceptive practices. Google spokesperson said in a statement that to protect the users, the company makes frequent updates to its ad policies.

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