Microsoft could buy TikTok for $30-billion

Microsoft is planning to complete its securing talks with TikTok inside the following three weeks, in front of the Sept. 15 deadline, reported on Wednesday where it is in the news that it could be worth up to $30 billion. If actually, the deal goes through, Microsoft has concurred with the government of the U.S. Read more about Microsoft could buy TikTok for $30-billion[…]

Google’s ‘trust-tokens’ for cookies-down a peg

Earlier this year, Google stated that to block third-party cookies in Chrome, it would join some other web browser companies, and now, it’s the first opportunity for developers to test proposed options in contrast to following users across the web, trust tokens. In contrast to cookies, trust tokens are intended to verify a user without Read more about Google’s ‘trust-tokens’ for cookies-down a peg[…]

Huawei overtakes Samsung as world’s biggest-smartphone-vendor

…says report. According to a new report from analyst firm Canalys, It the first time ever when over a quarter, Huawei has shipped too many smartphones all over the world than any other company. Huawei has since quite a while ago held aspirations to overtake Samsung as the world’s greatest smartphone vendor and passing by Read more about Huawei overtakes Samsung as world’s biggest-smartphone-vendor[…]

Lawmakers want Social-media to stop climate-denial

A group of lawmakers is calling for platforms like Facebook and YouTube to do more to stop climate change misinformation. A more than 30 lawmakers’ group has sent a letter to many tech CEOs calling for more additional to be done about environmental change misinformation on their platforms. A Virginia Democrat, Rep. Donald McEachin organized Read more about Lawmakers want Social-media to stop climate-denial[…]

Google: Banning coronavirus conspiracy pages 

Google will boycott advertisements that are promoting coronavirus conspiracy theories, erase ads from those pages which demonetize entire sites, and promote these theories that frequently violate the August 18th starting policy. A report from CNBC noticed that it supplements a current restriction on adapting unsafe medical misinformation. A Google representative confirmed that the new strategy Read more about Google: Banning coronavirus conspiracy pages […]

WhiteHouse – Tiktok restriction in weeks

WhiteHouse stated that TikTok could be restricting in Weeks not in Months whereas the US has already hinted its ban. The US has hinted at the TikTok already for the ban. The popular social video app which is owned by Chinese internet company ByteDance, TikTok is on highlights as White House has hinted taking action Read more about WhiteHouse – Tiktok restriction in weeks[…]

Facebook Built New Fiber-Spinning Robot

Facebook Built Bombyx Robot to make internet service cheaper. Facebook always tried something new for users as it has now built New Fiber-Spinning Robot named Bombyx which is Latin for silkworm. The robot rests balanced high above the ground, delicately atop a power line and floating. it gradually advances forward, Like a short, stocky tightrope Read more about Facebook Built New Fiber-Spinning Robot[…]

Facebook’s ISIS evading detection 

The report says that Facebook account associated with ISIS are finding ways to evade detection. The recent report claims that on the social media platform, Facebook accounts are founded to posted videos to teach Jihadists how to do it. Facebook said that it had no tolerance for terrorist propaganda. According to Strategic Dialogue (ISD), 288 Read more about Facebook’s ISIS evading detection […]

Google targets stalkerware ad policy

In the updated ad policy, Google targets stalkerware. Google’s ad policies are the way to limit the app-makers’ reach that the tech sector and advocates try. Previously, Google and Apple removed multiple apps from their stores. Google said about updates this month where the stalkerware apps on its service list will be banned from advertising Read more about Google targets stalkerware ad policy[…]