| Enter McAfee activation code | Download, Install and Activate McAfee

Visit and activate your user account. Enter the McAfee activation code, submit, and manage your McAfee protection to download, install, and activate the setup. McAfee program is an antivirus that protects you from each risky site, dangerous virus. Security shield is important in every aspect, as you use the internet, social media, business, banking, shopping, and more. Hence, purchase a subscription key and redeem at to complete the McAfee security throughout your devices. Get protected from multiple online threats, email scams, malware, and other threats.

Get started with McAfee Security –

Step 1- Go to

Step 2- Submit the 25-digit activation code & email

Step 3 – Download, install, and get started to McAfee Security.

Where is my 25-digit activation code?

Get stuck after going through at the activation code field? Here’s how you can find your 25-digit McAfee activation code ;

  • If you have a retail card, then check its instruction side and scratch the code hiding behind XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX and find the unique code.
  • If you purchased it online, then open received order confirmation mail and look for the key.
  • In case you bought from an internet provider, ask for the key or check on email.


Create or Sign-in to McAfee Account

Visiting may ask you to enter the McAfee Account details for login, hence it’s mandatory to have an account. Follow Instructions to create McAfee Account;

  • Launch the browser and go through an official site like or
  • Hover the mouse to “My Account” and click on the Sign-Up tab.
  • Create a strong password and username.
  • Enter the asked details on relevant fields.
  • Agree on the terms and create your McAfee account.
  • From, you can directly download the McAfee software as well.

Instructions to download and install McAfee on Primary Device

Make sure your device is ready for installation by fulfilling prerequisites. Also, keep your internet-connected to the system having high speed, then pursue the instructions on the primary device;

  1. Launch the browser and visit the site.
  2. Copy and paste or type the 25-digit activation code of McAfee.
  3. Then, type your email, and click submit.
  4. Now login to McAfee account and find the preferred version for your current device.
  5. Click Download and wait until it gets completed.
  6. Locate the file from the Start menu or downloads and double-tap on the setup file.
  7. Initiate the installation and accept the license terms.
  8. Follow prompts, enter the key code if asked, and finish the installation. 

 Step by step instructions to download and install McAfee on Secondary Device

In case you are changing your device, or want to protect another device with McAfee antivirus, then follow the below instructions to install McAfee on the secondary device;

  • Open the system browser and go through URL.
  • Otherwise, go through the McAfee home page and hover the mouse to My Account.
  • Click login and sign-in to the McAfee account.
  • Choose the subscription tab and select your device type.
  • Hit the Download tab and select download for Secondary device.
  • Choose a mail that is opened in other devices.
  • Now, open the secondary device and click on the mail received for McAfee download.
  • Click on the download link or go to to download the setup.
  • Double-click on setup and follow instructions to install the McAfee program.

Easy Instruction to Activate McAfee –

Get started to McAfee antivirus and enter the McAfee keycode after installation and follow the below steps to activate McAfee;

  1. Open the web browser, visit the official site, like or home page.
  2. Wait until the page completely loads on display.
  3. Hover the mouse on the top right-hand corner and then hit on For Consumer.
  4. Next, go to the top right-hand edge of the page and tap the “My Account” option.
  5. Hit the “Sign In” tab from the given drop-down menu.
  6. Select one option of login (for existing) or Register Now (for new users only).
  7. Sign-In to McAfee account and tap on redeem a retail card option.
  8. Here, it will ask you to enter the 25-character alphanumeric unique key code, therefore type it correctly and submit.
  9. McAfee is ready to protect your device.

How to Activate/Redeem McAfee RetailCard?

  • Read the instruction written on theMcafee retail card before to activate/redeem the McAfee security.
  • Visit the activation link. i.e.
  • Fill your 25 digit activation code for McAfee activate. (Look for it on the card you purchased)
  • Click On the ‘Submit’ button and follow the upcoming instruction.

A McAfee CD or DVD is good in cases where internet connections are slow and downloading your product can be problematic. Yes, Theyalso good if you want to re-install your product quickly for some reason – as they have all the required files in one place. Yet, a DVD does not offer you the benefit of updating its programs and content on its own.

What does McAfee provide?

McAfee Security features – 

  • It provides multiple device security that can protect PC, Laptops of windows, and Mac and mobile phones.
  • Protect you from malware, ransomware, spyware, and some other dangerous threats.
  • Cloud Security, Endpoint Protection, Data Protection, and Database Security.
  • Security is available for smartphones including Android and iOS.
  • Direct download is available at the page.
  • Firewall, WiFi security with VPN.
  • Secure you from risky websites, browsing, and internet threats.
  • Security Analytics, management, and Server Security are available.
  • Parental control features for children.
  • Protection of email scams, identity protection, and more.
  • Security features for gamers, and business holders.